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Choosing embroidered stitching

Embroidered stitching

When you create a made-to-measure shirt, it is made just for you – so feel free to add your initials in the form of a monogram – it’s free. Of course, it’s up to you to blend in anonymously if you prefer.

We offer a range of typefaces and colours for your initials. Navy blue in block letters is one of the classics, but any combination is possible. The “English” typeface is finer and more subtle.


Where to place the lettering?

On the pocket, on the cuffs, or on the left hand side next to the button of your choice (second, third, or fourth) around ten centimetres from the centre of the shirt.

There are differing schools of thought on the topic, so we have no advice to offer. That being said, custom suggests that the best place is alongside the fourth button of the shirt, around 15 cm above the belt, so that the lettering appears discreetly within the folds of the shirt.