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The Swann tailor-made suit

Free elegance is our state of mind.

It is this credo, this way of wearing clothing that has driven us to create your custom shirts for over a decade. With this experience and our passion for men's clothing, it was logical for us to offer you an offer dedicated to tailor-made suits, always keeping this philosophy in mind...

The Swann style

Elegant, classic, but revisited

Elegant, because we want to help you create a beautiful look and suits in which you feel comfortable.

Classic because we are looking for timeless elegance, faithful to the art of tailoring and its understanding of proportions.

Finally, a revisited elegance since it is thanks to a touch of modernity and style that our suits stand out in these subtle details.

The style of the Swann suits

Why are our suits different?

When we first considered creating a tailoring offer, we had a clear idea of the type of suits we wanted to offer: soft, light, easy to wear and luxurious while seeking the best quality at the lowest price. We have therefore put in place a unique approach to create an elegant, versatile and accessible cloakroom for you.

Buttoning jacket

How it works !

Style & Design

Together, we build the style of your custom-made garment. It could be a two-piece suit, a three-piece suit, or just a jacket, vest or trousers. By choosing Swann, you choose a piecework that is fully customizable. Our selection of fabrics comes from major houses such as Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Zegna, Ferla, Hardy Minnis, Dugdale Bros, Holland & Sherry... We renew every six months, a part of this selection for our seasonal models. This allows us to offer you new textures, materials and patterns for your custom clothing for each collection.

Charcoal grey suit pocket


The style is the most complete of the traditional tailoring offer: two-piece, three-piece or crossover suits. In addition to these basic choices, we offer variants in all suits details: the size of the lapel or trouser, the shape of the pockets, the slits, the shoulder assembly but also more subtle details such as buttons, finishes or the choice between a buttoned or pull fly...

Finally, to offer you an exhaustive tailor-made offer, we have several types of manufacturing: from complete interfacing to a completely deconstructed construction.

The cut

Fit & measurement

The measurement we take in store is accompanied by the fitting of templates (jacket, pants and vest), allowing us to validate certain measurements but especially to interpret them by making sure with you, to be on the same wavelength.

In fact, it is essential to take into account the way you want to wear your suit. This template fitting will allow you to express yourself on the cut, ease and bend you want and which does not necessarily correspond to what another person would like to wear.

Suit Pattern

So when you go to Swann to make your custom suit, it is essential for us to understand what you expect from your suit, both in terms of fall, ease or style.

By joining the measures we have taken with the alterations planned on the basis of our templates, we have a system of precise measurements allowing us to stick as closely as possible to your morphology and the cut you like. All these measures will ultimately make up a unique patronage that we archive and can evolve if necessary for your future orders.


The price of a suit depends essentially on the fabric you choose and whether it consists of 2 or 3 pieces. To this price can be added an extra charge if you opt for certain sartorial finishes such as the Milanese buttonhole, a complete canvas, a hand-made assembly, a Neapolitan shoulder etc.

Voici nos tarifs hors options sartorial

2 Pieces Suits

770€ to 1350€
3 Pieces Suits

990€ to 1740€
Anthracite grey suit light blue shirt

Fitting and alterations

Our approach to measuring with a template allows us to give you a garment that fits perfectly from the first fitting in most cases. If this is not the case, we will make the final adjustments in a few days following your fitting.

Shall we do it again?

Our objective is to meet your expectations as best as possible so that you will want to renew the customized experience. Whether it is for a dressed suit, business, a mismatched jacket or just pants, recommending will only take the time to think about it.

For each item of clothing you have made (suit, jacket, waistcoat or trousers), we will create a unique pattern. It is indeed thanks to a modern tool that we can place orders, archive your measurements, modify them and create multiple patterns according to your desires.

How to order a suit?

The choice of your fabric, type of lapel, buttons, style of trousers with or without pliers, interfacing etc. as well as your measurements is made at our shop, by appointment.

1, rue de l'Arcade - Paris 8

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