Corduroy and Flannel

Limited Edition

Italian corduroy (softer than English corduroy), over flannel shirt and wool and cashmere turtleneck.

Flannel Sport Suit

Limited Edition

Houndstooth wool flannel, 3-pocket patch jacket, double-breasted pants and wool and cashmere turtleneck.

IVY League

Limited Edition

In the 1960s, Brown, Harvard or Yale adopted a casual, mismatched style.

5 pocket pants and Glen Check Sport Jacket

Limited Edition

Wool, alpaca, and corduroy are precious allies when temperatures approach zero.

Ecru Suit

Drago's super 130 wool

For some it's an error of taste, for others the height of elegance. Double-breasted jacket 6 buttons, pleated dress pant

Prince of Wales Sport Jacket

Prince of Wales wool and alpaca jacket paired with our new wool and cashmere turtleneck and 5 pocket off white corduroy pants.

Corduroy Suit

Rare are the suits that we can mismatch. The great advantage of corduroy is that the pants are enough to itself, the jacket is very easily associated with jeans.

Grey flannel suit

The comfort and elegance of a gray flannel in winter. Paired with a light blue Oxford shirt and a black knit tie.